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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

$2000 invested in a movie website doing nothing is a domain appraisal tool with historical domain name sales data. If visitors click on the sales record below the appraisal, they can view a list of domain sales related to the appraised keywords.

In a list of movie-related domain names, we already discovered that was one of the most overpriced movie domain name sales ever at $75,000. Another movie domain sold in 2007 for $2000, and this movie website is just a parked on WordPress with a half idea in mind.

It appears the owner had plans to develop, but hasn't done anything useful with this website since the purchase date in 2007. Now we just see a partial website, where most people attempt to develop an idea and figure out the concept is possibly not so good. and or would be way better to acquire than We doubt is avaialble at $2,000. It is too generic. The same goes for, which we've been seeing a lot of lately with Ride Along, Think Like a Man and its sequel, and many other black-themed movies.

Paying $2,000 for and just allowing it to sit for several years is a waste of money. As you can see, this happens often in the domain industry. However, the owner of probably reconsidered their investment and realized the cost and their idea lacked widespread appeal. The website can be developed to target African American movies.

There are many good movies with black themes. However, seven years passed and nothing evolved on this website. It is safe to say this domain purchase at $2,000 is failing to materilize into pre-planned expectations prior to this purchase. In any case, good luck on developing the website and making it a big hit on the movie space. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Most overpriced movie domain name ever - $75,000 paid for in 2006

The buyer of paid $75,000 for this domain name in 2006. Can't believe this end-user didn't develop the domain name into a leading movie website. $75,000 for is far too much. Unless this domain name was already a leading movie website, there is no keyword value. 

Currently, end-users have access to the very best movie domain names available. If an end-user wants to develop generic movie sites on genres such as horror, comedy, action, and funny movies, there are domains in the aftermarket to make this possible. Occult movies, sports movies and college movies are for sale on Most Wanted Domains. Domain Name Sales feature quality movie domains. 

Why in the world would an end-user over spend on This movie domain is inoperable right now. It holds movie keywords that are not searched above 500 times per month in the U.S. The stats of this movie domain alone are a predictor that it was not the best of investments, especially at $75K. 

Movie domains are great to own. If you have access to original content, then you can make revenue from their entertaining domain names. However, the very best movie domain names are quite expensive and likely will command enormously high prices. Can you imagine how much may cost an end-user? This domain name is featured on It is for sale right now. 

Who will pay 6 figures to purchase when you can acquire for $2,500. will run a hefty 6-figure price tag. However, you can land for $2,000. These are domain names with plenty of opportunity to grow into a top brand. People want to see a list of movies. They gravitate toward the top 10, top 100 and best movies of all time. 

Would you invest $75,000 into Or would you rather build an arsenal of movie websites that can deliver consistent traffic all day long? I would choose to acquire many great movie domains than to purchase a movie domain with little search value. 

I wouldn't mind owning, a domain an elite domain Eric Borgos once owned and sold. This domain is worth a 6-figure price tag and will deliver heavy traffic to a developed website. As a parked site, this domain once earned thousands per month in ad revenue.

Be smart about the movie domain names you acquire. Many great deals can be had in the domain aftermarket. Search for descriptive movie domains that target a specific aspect of movies. Good luck! 

Thursday, June 5, 2014 has an interesting message

.XYZ is the perfect domain name to promote .XYZ. This premium domain shows a picture of a car with Nevada license plates reading COM and a title card "1985" to reveal the year of the dot com launch date. The screen then shifts to the right, where a title card reads "2014" and a pan down to Nevada license plate shows XYZ.

The new gTLD .XYZ is somehow ranked in 4th among all new gTLDs. It seems like an interesting extension to develop a website, though we're contemplating what use the extension holds, if any, for branding and/or marketing purposes. It's safe to say that .xyz will never replace dot com.  

What .XYZ domain name do you want to own and why do you think it's the right domain extension? 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014 make EMD news

Do you own any EMDs? As you may already know, an EMD is an exact match domain. Owning such domain names can transform a website and brand into a household name. Furthermore, domain investors know that when an end-user comes looking to buy an EMD that this is their moment to shine. For the most part, domain owners selling EMDs can break the bank.

On a recent exclusive, publisher Mike Cyger covered a Shark Tank pitch where two owners shared their lip balm idea. Dallas Mavericks billion dollar owner and former owner of, Mark Cuban, liked the potential he saw in a lip balm and invested $200,00 for 40% of this company. He also purchased the domain name as this startups brand. is a highly search EMD. This "how to kiss" is the way web surfers input the keyword string in search engines. EMD will always command attention since people remember them,  they are searched often to create possible type-in traffic, and branding these names provide free marketing.

If you drive by a billboard with displayed as its domain name, you will likely remember this and visit the website to see what this lip balm is all about. Mark Cuban is an intelligent businessman to accept advice from, especialy considering that his love for sports translated into broadcasting games and this fueled his multibillion dollar sale of to Yahoo!

The sale enabled Mark Cuban to purchase the Dallas Mavericks, making him one of the most recognized sports team owners in the world. The Dallas Mavericks enjoyed their first NBA Title in franchise history by eliminating the LeBron James-led Miami Heat in 6 games. is likely to become a major brand. If Mark Cuban didn't trust the pitch, then he wouldn't have invested $200,000 and acquired the domain name

Read the transcript or watch the video of EMD on at

Biography channel's two great domain names

Bio understands how the Internet works. This BIO television channel operated under A&E Television Networks runs as the main hub to their widely popular television channel. Even more impression is BIO's forwarding domain name,

Bio features shows about ghost, celebrity, classic, true crime, psychic, celebrity ghost stories, and other popular topics. Their 3 character is possibly one of the best domain names to refer traffic to another awesome domain in

Two amazing domain names and a mega popular cable and satellite television channel make A&E Television brand BIO a smart choice. >>>>

Sunday, May 18, 2014 sold and seems to conflict with Uber's UberX platform

Public transportation users must know about UberX by now. Uber's ridesharing platform is the most innovative way to travel for cheap. Passengers can request drivers using a ridesharing app. Uber developed their transportation app as a cashless system that makes paying for rides simple and fast.

UberX functions as a ridesharing division of Uber. Recently, domain name was purchased for $2,000. It is obvious UberrX is a typo of UberX. However, Uber doesn't even own This domain name was parked, but is now inoperable. 

Go figure that this name so similar ( that Captain Obvious would know this. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

GoDaddy frustrating me with deactivating dot com renewal coupons

As a domain investor on a budget, I need reliable coupon codes to renew my dot com domain names. I never had any problems renewing my domain names at Godaddy using coupon codes. Recently, I noticed that GoDaddy is deactivating many of the coupon codes and you can't get any good renewal deals.

I'm starting to rethink whether I want to keep my domain portfolio at GoDaddy. Over 5 years of buying and renewing domain names at GoDaddy and now this domain registrar is making it tougher to use renewal coupon codes. Deactivating these coupon codes for dot com renewals is costing me hundreds more per year.

Why do I think that GoDaddy is deactivating these renewal codes? Maybe GoDaddy wants to create a loophole so that domain holders must pay for the Domain Club membership in order to get discounts.

Do I plan to move my domain names to another registrar? If I continue to lose good domains because it is costing me more to renew and I have to be selective on the domain names I do want to keep, then I will definitely consider moving my domain portfolio away from GoDaddy. There is no loyalty anymore at GoDaddy. Their philosophy seems to make money at all cost. This coupon deactivation issue is a perfect example of their lack of respect for domain holders who make them a fortune.

GoDaddy was once my favorite domain registrar until their coupon code cost me because I was a $1 short  to make this purchase. Imagine losing an extremely valuable domain name over a dollar. Their coupon codes have cost me many valuable domain names.

GoDaddy used to be the best domain registrar. However, their recent move with deactivating coupon codes and increasing the cost to renew dot com domain names will decrease my spending at this domain registrar. GoDaddy is disappointing me. I have to wait another month or two to purchase the Domain Club membership, which is a membership plan I once used back in 2010.

Share your experience whether you noticed what GoDaddy is doing with dot com renewal codes.